October Seventh in the year 2020

Good morning all, for morning it is here. From time to time, I remember that these words are being placed on page to be read in so many different times that are yet the same. The international date line creating according to the timeanddate.com web site thirty-eight different time zones. As a youth happily seeking imaginary adventures in the woods behind the house, this concept never entered my mind. For someone though, it did. Their creative imagination, ideas, desire brought about this amazing way of communication. One that has been and continues to be used as intended but also as a means to ugliness.

As a writer and as an individual, it has always been my goal to lift people up. I want the words I share to be an encouragement in all ways. That isn’t always possible, but the goal is worthwhile. A comment I have heard often is that, your candle does not glow brighter by blowing out the candle of another. We are only creating more darkness that the candle is meant to diminish. I look at it this way, our candles are our hopes, our dreams, our goals, our imagination, our spirit and soul, all that is good within us. To blow out another person’s candle is to dim that part of them. It not only blows out a candle, it crushes a large part of who they are. We are not just physical bodies, we are spirit and energy and love.The body is just an outer wrapping; as a book cover holds the important part together, so does our body.

Our individual candles, our light, is what brings good things into being. It is our talents to create music, dance, art, theater, the written word across the page. It is our ability to build, to teach, to send rockets into space and have people live there for extended times. It is the light that drives us to create a business to help ourselves, or to build a non-profit to help others to help themselves.

When one in their own selfish thoughts, or in their own problems with self esteem seek to blow out the candle of another, they are not truly just harming one, they are taking away a special light for the world. Some can, shake it off and relight their candle, some can protect their candles from the attempted death blow, but some, will not. Some will accept that their candle was not meant to shine and with spirit broken turn away and not try again. It is important to not allow this. It is important that those whose candle shines bright, reach out to the saddened and help them. Offer a bit of your light, offer a bit of your fire, to help them. We’ve seen a campfire grow from one spark to a nice blaze. A campfire for roasting marsh mellows to hotdogs to preparing that all important coffee. Lighting another person’s candle can create even better magic.

I will say though, that it seems that the darkness creates its own brand of ugly. It creates a brand that forgets how to build and uplift in its fight. Some whose candle is out, don’t just walk away with spirit broken. Some who know only dark, will seek to break the light in others and drag them into their same misery. Is it ignorance, is it anger, is it hate? It could be any, all or something totally different. But it is darkness and it is growing because they are somehow managing to dim the lights of glowing candles. That is a totally different fight, one that cannot be fought by their means. Darkness creates more darkness while light creates light..be the light.

Be the one who lights the candles of another. Be the one who shares hope and strength and love. Darkness can be strong, but love is stronger. Not long ago I met a lady with a shirt wrapped around her hair as a bandana holding it out of her face as she had hiked to the top of a mountain. I could see the letters of a popular movement emblazoned on the shirt. Still yet, we of two different races shared a wonderful conversation. Her conviction to a movement, did not hold a darkness at that moment, at that moment, we shared a light. It can be done. It should be done. If we share the light of love, I believe it will be done.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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