Vacation..and so it begins

  We decided a couple of months back that we were going to try and get away for a few days this year. Its been a couple years since we were able to escape the so called ‘norm’ for a time of R&R. While we would have loved a trip to the North Carolina outer banks, we knew that would have been too long a drive and most of our time would have been taken up by traveling. So instead we chose to head the opposite direction to the Pigeon Forge/ Gatlenburg, Tennessee area. I asked for and got the time off from work as did my husband and son. James had a few extra things he wanted to do such as take a motorcycle safety course and see if he had enough credit to purchase a bike. I didn’t tell a lot of people of our plans even though we had family watching out for the place and feeding the pets, while chance it?

   We left out on Monday morning. It was fairly early for us as usually we don’t get out of the driveway until noon or later, but this time we were out by 9am. Off to get breakfast and fill up with gas. Only then for my husband to remember that he had forgotten something he needed. So we head for home while James heads off in a different direction. We get what my husband had left and he decides that since we were there, to pick up a check that needed to be deposited. That of course meant a stop at the bank as we headed off in a different direction than was initially planned. Do I dare say that it was nearing noon by the time we hit the highway for Tennessee?

   The ride up was relatively uneventful. No near crashes, no accidents witnessed along the way, nothing that would slow one to a crawl. We did run in and out of rain showers, some very heavy that did slow us but not terribly bad. There were areas of road construction, but with it being the holiday week, the work crews were smaller than I would have expected, and travel was impacted.

   We made pretty good time getting there, but I was still happy to see that hotel sign as I drove the entire way up and was beginning to feel the tiredness seep in. We got registered and into the room and even managed to get the load of stuff we brought along into the room with little problems. Even though our room was on the fourth-top- floor and the elevator sounded as if it was going to fail at any given moment. The first time I rode it up I knew I was NOT going to be getting inside that thing very often. The creaks, snaps and pops; with the grinding noises it made when it reached the top had this slightly claustrophobic girl knowing that the stairs would work just fine. The hotel had sent out an email a few months ago saying they had been fully renovated and welcomed us to check out the new rooms. The new rooms — or at least our room– had no table. I write, I like a table. I spread out the newspaper or magazines when I read, I need a table, but there was no table. The television had problems with a lot of the channels being very snowy. The phone didn’t work, when my husband checked he was told that the workers had cut some lines and had to come back and repair them. (Yes, we do have cell phones…but we are still on a plan with minutes and try not to use them unless we have no choice. My husband needs all the minutes for when he’s out on the road.) Other than that the room was nice enough. And we did have a first class view of the fireworks show every night at 9:30. One that that did work well– that air conditioning. Between my husband and my son they tried to freeze me out with that thing. 60 degrees?? Really?? Yes, I did turn it up every chance I got, I did not want to return to work only to have to explain areas of frostbite.

  When James finally arrived we made the required trip to Wal-mart to get the things that we didn’t carry with us. When we left there, we headed off to get something to eat and then James headed out to the go-carts. I knew that the next day was going to be my day so I wanted to rest up for the hike to come………..

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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