The Memorable Memorial Day.. part two

Before I begin this second installment- a reminder-, a disclaimer: I would in no way seek to embarrass or ridicule my husband. My writing this is a way of explaining why it is that from time to time I ask for assistance in  things dealing with home repairs. The events I am about to tell you are true, a little frustrating at times, a tad bit confusing at times, somewhat frightening at times, but hilarious at all times.

At the end of the first part of this my husband was beginning the final steps toward having the replacement unit installed. He and our son had wrestled the thing in place, we had made several trips to the handy dandy home and garden center. First the one just a hop, skip and jump from the house, then when it was discovered they did not have what we needed we had to travel to one a bit farther down the road. Now, as time was growing ever closer for that family cookout that was supposed to happen, we still had no water of any kind. The hot water heater was in place, he had tried to fill it once only to have it leak…..badly. He had realized that the ‘might work- ought to work’ parts, definitely would not work. So I had put down the hoped for, no craved, cup of coffee and headed out the door again for something that would. Back at the home center we purchased the right parts and a different sealant that James had recommended. I suggested purchasing extra but he said he had all he needed. Paid for the items, being thankful that each time there had been no long lines ahead of us, got back in the car and headed home. I watched as my husband disappeared onto the back porch. I grabbed the cup on the counter, reheated it–as a side note- reheated coffee doesn’t taste near as good as fresh. Once I had the reheated coffee I slipped out the front door and onto the porch hoping that I would get to finish this cup.

 A few moments later, I heard my husband calling for James. He was ready to try again to fill the tank. James went out onto the porch, my husband out the door to the breaker box and flipped it on, instantly James is yelling for him to turn it back off. It was leaking. I desperately began searching for an escape route, or at least somewhere to hide. No such luck. After they exhausted every effort to stop the leak it was determined that he needed more of those quarter elbows than he had purchased. Giving that half drank cup of coffee a last look of longing I returned it to the counter and picked up my car keys. This was really getting monotonous.

  Back home a little later he was back on the porch as I began doing what I could without water for the cookout and family’s arrival. When he called that he was ready to try again I cringed. James went out onto the porch and waited. Moments after the water was turned on, it began to leak. The water back off, they worked on the leaking pipe. Thinking he had it, my husband went back outside. James kept trying to tell his dad that he needed to wait longer than thirty seconds for the sealant to dry but Mr. Have to Have it Now, couldn’t wait and again turned the water on. And it leaked. They worked on it some more, and this time my husband decided to wait…he paced the back yard, carefully in case the snake was back out from under the house..he sat on the step, he walked to the corner of the yard, he came inside, he went back outside. I offered to prepare him a cup of coffee, being that I was finally getting to drink mine. Before I could prepare it he was turning the water back on. It leaked. James in desperation tried to stop it. He was attempting to spread the sealant for better coverage when the entire connection came apart and water sprayed everywhere. We were both yelling for my husband to turn the water off. He started walking up the steps as we shouted louder. He asked why and we told him we were getting an indoor pool turn the water OFF. Finally after allowing the burst line to pressure wash the inside of the back porch he got the water back off.

 By this time it was after six. I called my step-daughter who was on her way. After I and her dad had talked with her, it was decided that we would reschedule. Even though he still wanted desperately to have the cookout, we still didn’t have water. He complained that he had purchased so much stuff. Yes, I know, but the chicken can be frozen and the rest would not go to waste. Reluctantly, he gave in and went back to the problem at hand.

 Let me say….they put enough sealant on that particular joint that nothing, and I mean nothing should break that bond. We won’t discuss his decision to heat seal it using a match. I’m just glad that James is quick with a glass of water.

 Finally, finally at 11pm, twelve hours after he began this project, when he turned the water back on, after all the air was out and the tank filled, we had water. James was standing beside the hot water heater watching it as my husband called out ‘is it leaking?” James glanced in my direction before answering ‘no’. Even as we both watched that lone drop ease out and down.

Here we are, a couple of days later. The sealant is working, the hot water heater is working. There are no currant leaks and I was finally able to put everything back in place on the back porch.

A comment that I made that night. Out of pure frustration, I posted  online, that if my husband ever even mentioned that he was going to ‘repair’ something here, I was going on vacation, I was going shopping, I was going visiting friends, I was going to go and play in the middle of interstate traffic. Anything but stay here. I love you my husband, but home repair is not your greatest talent.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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1 Response to The Memorable Memorial Day.. part two

  1. Wes says:

    I enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing. I’m visiting Carolyn who lives just down the road from you. Will be leaving to go back to Oregon soon, and will be looking forward to reading more of your stores. .

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