The Challenge Has Been Made, are you up for it?

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This is part of an email that was waiting for me when I got home from work this afternoon:
It’s a 48 Hour Challenge!
Raise just $48 in the next 48 hours to help finish the fight! Let’s see how many Relay For Life participants can raise $48 in 48 hours starting at midnight TONIGHT!!
What can $48 do in the fight against cancer?
  • If you raise $48, you will fund 7 rides to treatment through Road To Recovery for those with transportation needs.
  • If your team of 10 people raises $480, you will fund one full week for a cancer patient and their caregiver at Hope Lodge.
  • If each of our participants raises $48 in the next 48 hours, we will raise $5,088 and can help fund an additional research grant to find the cure.
I do so love a challenge.
I’ve been kind of quiet this year with emails. In the past I’ve sent out so many I kept waiting for friends to start disappearing, blocking, complaining..but I have the world’s best friends as no one did any of that. We are now heading into the homestretch as The East Gaston – Belmont- Stanley Relay for Life event is May 9th and 10th. That is only a few weeks away. Does that mean I’m ramp up the emails? Probably, but not so much as to overwhelm anyone’s inbox. I do want to keep all of my friends after all.
But here it is..
Many of you know my story. In 2007 at the age of 50 I had my first mammogram. On those images was something that concerned the imaging center. In a nutshell, the imagining center contacted my doctor who sent me to a surgeon who did her own tests which came back positive for breast cancer. In February of 2008 I had my surgery and then radiation treatments. I was glad then and to this day am glad that I did not have to undergo chemotherapy. The radiation was bad enough.  I never asked “why me?” I did ask “why not me?” I’ve said in the past that we all go through a lot of things in our life, we may or may not know why we deal with those things. I believe that one of the reasons I went through the cancer, and it was caught as early was it was, and that my battle was no worse than it was, was so that I could understand. Not only so that I would understand what it felt like, but so that I could do what I have been for the last six years. I’ve written, I’ve discussed, I’ve participated in Relay for Life in the ways that I am able. I’ve tried to work with others in the hope of raising awareness of the battles that others face. In the hopes of raising volunteers for the many programs that the American Cancer society offers for Survivors and their Caregivers. In the hopes of raising money to help fund those programs and more.
I have fully enjoyed my time with Relay for Life. I love watching and helping those whoa re a part of our event as they work toward our goal.  There have been those moments of frustration when it seems that nothing is going right and then suddenly things fall in place. Fundraisers fall through, fundraisers blow the roof off the building. Teams join our event, teams dissolve or move on to Relay events that are closer to them. It is many things… but it is never boring.
Here we are, mere weeks from our event…and we need…we need more teams. We need volunteers, we need items to raffle off, food items to offer for donations, games to play, luminaria bag orders, canned goods to put inside those bags (that will go to the winning teams choice of foodbank after Relay). We need people to come out and enjoy everything that is going on in our effort to raise awareness to what the ACS offers and what they do. We need your time, we need your talents, we need your money. We need YOU to help us finish the fight against cancer. We CAN do this…….together.
And oh yeah…starting at midnight tonight (04.16.2014) the gauntlet will be dropped, the challenge put forth, to raise at much as possible in 48 hours. For everyone who donates, their name will go into a drawing for a prize of Relay for Life gear. It starts at midnight so please don’t jump the starting confuses the powers that be 😉
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One of those things that the ACS does, the research? It was through donations that one of the medicines that I was on after my cancer was discovered. So to all whose donations made that possible…..thank you. And a big thank you to all who donate in any way shape and form for Relay for Life. You are all caregivers, you are all special and important.
My Relay for Life page: (you will find the link to donate, to join, or to find out more about our event here–)
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we have a long way to go–together, we can do this..

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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