What is Missing and Why?

back again 1697

              I kept thinking that something was missing…..something was different…something was wrong.  Maybe it was me, I haven’t sent out nearly as many emails this year as I have in the past. I was allowing the fear of causing people to turn away out of annoyance of too many emails, to stop me. No one had ever complained. No one had ever asked me to remove them from my list. Not one person had ever said anything, but I still worried. Now I wonder, was that fear part of the reason for what was missing?

           I was also feeling tired, not burned out, but close. So maybe, just maybe I wasn’t trying as hard as I have in the past. Maybe, just maybe, my brain was simply too tired to come up with something comprehensive and complete that would make sense and inspire the reader. It wasn’t that my heart isn’t in it, because it is. As a Survivor, as long as the fight isn’t finished, my heart is there…my determination, my desire for a cure will always drive me. But I didn’t want to post dribble that would make the fight (at least on my part) into a joke.

            Where I work, we aren’t allowed to do any fundraising. I understand the reasons and reasoning. No one can support every single cause out there. It is simply impossible. It is also now impossible to say yes to one and no to another because then the “another” cries discrimination and threatens lawsuits and before you know it there are lawyers and reporters and protestors camped out on the front lawn. So it is easier and safer to say no to all of them. I understand that….but it sure put a hurt on my fundraising as most of the people I know, are those I work with. Every nickel and quarter that they tossed in that cup added up and made a difference. Did the frustration of having that avenue blocked hurt my enthusiasm that badly? Was I giving up?

           A lot of the people who were on my team last year no longer work with me. In fact, so far this year all of the people who were on my team are missing in action. I could go ahead and sign up immediate family my son will help I know. My husband will probably be out of town driving somewhere..but at least that would be someone other than just me. No, I’m not feeling sorry for myself.. I have better more important things to do I simply do not have time for self pity.

       I need to figure out why…..the missing is missing.

    I can blame it on the economy…….because it really stinks. People are still out of work. People do not have the disposable income they once did. The cost of everything keeps going up but paychecks are not following suit.

    People may be having to help relatives or friends more than in the past.

    Health issues and insurance may be part of the problem.

    After reports have gone out on how “charities” are such a big business, people may fear that all the money is going into the pockets of the top dogs of the company and not to the various departments that are always mentioned.

  There could be as many reasons for the missing as there are stars in the sky, grains of sand on the beach, leaves on the Oak trees in my yard. I could guess all night and still not get the right answer.  In the past I have raised money online as well as in person. That hasn’t happened but once this year. (Thank you Dennis, I still have a gift for you). I don’t know what I can say that would convince anyone to donate. The reasons are the same….research, cause, prevention, treatments, medications all have come about thanks to donations. HOPE house, places where the cancer fighter and family can stay if they must travel for treatment. Look Good Feel Better a program for the cancer fighter to help them with wigs, scarves, hats and makeup tricks..Rider programs that help get the fighter to doctor visits and to get their medications. The online program that offers information and someone to talk with when you have questions. All of these take money..so we work, we find fundraising opportunities and we ask everyone we know.

So, yes…I’m asking…would you consider making a donation to help finish the fight against cancer? Would you help as we work to help survivors celebrate more birthdays? We have all been touched in some way by cancer…lets work to put an end to the battle, put an end to the fear, the worry, the loss of friends and family because of cancer. Together, we can do just that.


We will be having our second annual 5K at Common Grounds in Stanley on May 9th.. message me for more details..

We are still taking orders for Luminaria Bags.. see me, email me, mail a check made out to the ACS and send it to my PO Box 371 Stanley, NC 28164. The bags are $10 each and can be either in honor of or in memory of..
Any and all donations…see me, drop a check in the mail or donate online at the above link.
sign up for a Relay near you..or if you’re local join my team..

Thank you for everything you do in the fight against cancer.

back again 1678

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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