There’s No Place for That Here

Oct 31.13 011

  There’s no place for that here.
  Where I work there is a good diversity of people. From the various nationalities, ages and more we are quite the mixed bunch. Being so different, there are always going to be problems. We dress differently, we speak differently, we act and live differently.  It is a human thing. We have disagreements, we have those moments when we react and over react to an action or word. We have our own set of likes and dislikes, our beliefs and our ways. A lot is due to how we are brought up, some is social conditioning, some is immaturity, selfishness and petty. And some, is just the opposite in that we are mature, compassionate and real.

  I’ve worked for this company for a long time. On August first it will be twenty-four years. We’ve grown over the years so now I don’t know every individual like I once did, but I know a lot of them. Most of the people I work with, I only see at work so I honestly know nothing of their home life but what they share. Whether it is in personal conversation or one of the many online social medias.   I May not agree with some lifestyle choices that are shared, but that doesn’t stop me from liking the person.  Every one, every single person has value. We all have attributes that make us worthwhile. Knowing that, is part of what makes me so upset over an incident that happened recently.

The position that I have in being Lead Person, means that I am all over the department all day long. I am interacting with each employee at different times. I am making sure that the jobs are running as they should be and giving each person specific instructions as needed. I’ve learned their different personalities and come to appreciate each one. No, none are perfect. Some will hog machines that are needed in the process of the job. Some will sneak around and slip away with materials that are not theirs in the desire to make their personal job easier even if it makes the other person’s more difficult. They will extend a ten minute break into as much as they can get by with. Little things usually totally ignorable until they get too extreme and need intervention to keep the production floor running smoothly.  I have also seen how employees help each other. I’ve seen them stop a small frame malfunction before it became a major problem. I’ve seen them jump in to help straighten out a major problem because it wasn’t caught in time. I’ve seen them helping each other with a smile. That’s part of why I was so upset recently.

I know, how well I know, that there is a problem with attitudes over illegal immigration. I know that there is a need for change in how it is handled. But I know that hating an entire nationality over the illegal acts of some are not the answer. I know that times have changed, when once people immigrating, no matter where they came from changed to follow this countries laws and ways. Of course, not only that has changed. Our own acts, beliefs and ways have changed so much over time it is difficult to say we do this this way and that that way. This is acceptable and that is not. However that is not what this writing is about.

I know, that we all have bad days. I know that there are going to be those days when our attitude is less than good. For what ever reason, our day is not going well. We aren’t happy, we aren’t going around whistling a happy tune, we aren’t smiling or wishing anyone a good day. We are in a word, miserable and nothing is going to change that. At that time, it is very easy for anything to set us off, for us to take our bad day and bad attitude out on others around us who may be totally innocent. While at some point I remember reading that we should never hold things in, taking out our bad day on others is wrong. Point blank wrong.

There is no place for what happened here.

An employee was having a bad day. I don’t know why. I don’t know what set them off. When I last spoke with them they were fine or at least appeared fine. At some point that changed, or maybe they had hidden it well when I was there. Nearing the end of the day I was hearing how they had blown a fuse and was shouting racist comments loud enough to be heard. Intended to be heard. This upset many of those in hearing- which was intended. I know these people. As I said, I’ve seen them in action. They did not deserve what was being dished out. I saw the expression on the faces of those in the area, even those who have been known in the past to have bad days were upset of this.

It won’t happen again from this person.

But what about someone else? Someone who doesn’t like this nationality or that one? Someone who has a problem with another person’s sexual orientation or if they are one who goes clubbing on a regular basis? Someone who may not like Republicans or Democrats, may not like Muslims or Buddhists or Christians. The list goes on and on as to what we may or may not care for. No matter our preferences, and even though we do have the freedom of speech, that does not give us the right to be hateful and racist. We should choose our words carefully and compassionately. Yes, I know that there may be certain categories were we can set care aside such as in acts —proven acts— of terrorism, such as suicide bombers and those who murder the innocent. Otherwise we should act in compassion to and for others. Hate and racism is a societal cancer. It destroys us one individual at a time. It does however like a bad virus spread quickly and at times easily among those susceptible to the disease that it is. Think the Klu Klux Klan or even the Black Panthers. Think Westboro Baptist and their hatred. It is not for us to judge nor condemn others. We may not like their choices, but showing and spewing hatred will not do anything but create more hatred and anger.

Many years ago the musical band The Beetles sang a song with the words, “All We Need Is Love”, then there was “Imagine” Coca Cola wanted to “Teach the World To Sing” all over the internet you see videos of people doing good things. I hope that thought, that hope, that action goes viral. We do need more people who care enough to spread good, to spread hope, to spread compassion. Because for hatred and racism– there’s no place for that here.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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