Alone Doesn’t Need to Mean Lonely

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        Its very quiet here. My husband who is a long haul truck driver is out “there” on the road. He’s headed from somewhere to some place. I can only hope and pray the weather is good for his drive. My son, left this morning to go to a race in Tennessee. For him, I hope that the rain stops and allows the race to be run. That is a nice, long drive to only miss out on the event. The cats are all curled up around the heater  and the dog is outside alternating between playing in the rain and curled up in her house on the porch.

 So it is me, and sleeping critters. The only sounds in my house are my typing, the hum of the heater behind me and a radio playing in another part of the house. I can hear the rain falling outside when it gets heavy enough. When the wind picks up a small sapling brushes against the window near me. If it were dark, if I didn’t know what it was, that could be an eerie sound that would make me nervous. As it is, I know what it is so I can ignore it.

Its times like this that allow my mind free reign. It is now, when I can allow thoughts and imagination to run wild, creating all manner of deep thinking or crazed ideas to seep through or to come barreling through like stampeding animals bent on getting where they are going in a hurry no matter what may be in front of them.

 With it raining as it has been since early this morning I know the river that is a mile from here has to be coming up. If the rain or other bad weather that is a possibility keeps up, how high will it rise? And what of the areas farther down river? How will they fare? In the area a mile from here, along the way I travel to go to work, the worst it does now is flood one section of the roadway meaning I would have to detour taking longer for my drive. Down river there are homes and businesses that are in danger. We have had a wild and bad winter this past season. It had been predicted, but then they often are. This time however they managed to hit it right and we have suffered. Even if we have not had to endure the amount of snow that others areas have, we are unaccustomed in this area to that drastic of a temperature change. If you are not used to it, it is very difficult to handle. So here it is, mere days away from Spring, and they are forecasting the possibility of a wintery mix. The only thing I did in anticipation of that possibility is getting more gas in my vehicle. I do realize that all of this rain is good for the soil. I’m also very glad that I have yet to rake or cut up the fallen leaves in my yard as they are helping the water to soak into the ground rather than wash away more topsoil. Soon though I hope to get that done and get flowers planted. I’m seriously missing the colors of the flowers.

I love having a yard full of flowers. Last year I was given a large amount of flower bulbs and I’m seeing evidence of them coming up in that corner where they were planted. I was also given a rose bush that I was worried about until I saw that it was leaving out nicely. I do have a lot of work that needs to be done in my yard. I simply have to get a time to do it when it hasn’t been raining and stuff is easier to clean up and prepare. The flowers that I plant are the type that draws butterfly and bees. No insecticide goes anywhere near my flowers. I do have roses so I have to find something that will protect my roses and not harm the bees. (any suggestions?) While I am trying to create an area of Perennial flowers, there are some annuals that I have seen the bees flock to so I make sure and purchase seeds and plants of that type just for them. I’ve had to fence off that area of my yard as my German Shepherd Dog can’t decide if she’s a carnivore or an herbivore. Last year she not only dug up areas of my gardens, she pulled plants out of the ground to carry them around, literally shaking them to pieces. So now she is fenced out. I have plans on creating an oasis of sorts in that space. Moving in a swing to watch the butterfly, bees and hummingbirds. A birdbath for water, a feeder in the corner for wild birds and pans set up for the butterfly to also get water. With all this water soaking the ground it should be well ready for the upcoming planting. I even look forward to the work that will be involved with helping it turn out well. But what I really look forward to is photographing the results and the visitors.

Speaking of planting. I’m excited about my vegetable garden plans for this year. I have an area of my yard that I have been planting but the sunlight is limited there. Last year the cucumbers did amazing so I know I’ll plant them again. But there simply isn’t enough sunlight there for my tomatoes. I’m going to plant some in containers and put those inside the oasis area along one of the end fences. I may try to have some container plants along another fence but that is yet to be determined. My son has already tilled up an area down at my folks place that does get enough sunlight so there is probably where the bulk of the planting will go. There is also a fence up for planting green beans and on the other side of that I’ll plant okra. My hope is to harvest enough to enjoy and to can for next winter.

I had hoped to get outside and make another video. I have two ideas and stories to share. Both are true, both involve in part the same room in this house. I want however to tell it from the outside and that isn’t happening in the rain. I also wanted to get out and photograph some of what is blooming with raindrops on them. Unfortunately the rain never slacked off enough for me to take my cameras out. Reports say that it will still be raining tomorrow, so there is still the possibility of getting those shots. Raindrops always add interest to the shots, but it isn’t worth getting soaked and sick over.

I usually don’t mind being alone. I can always find something to get into. I can do some cleaning. I can enjoy some television if there is anything worth watching on but their generally isn’t. I can play online, I can hike and hunt photography opportunities or I can write. There is peace in being alone. You can calm down and ease any high stress levels from what ever life has tossed at you. Taking long, hot showers or bubble baths, listening to good music of your genre of choice. Sitting down and reading a good book or sitting out in an oasis of flowers watching the butterfly and listening to the hum of the bees working. When weather permits sitting outside on the porch or out in the yard throwing sticks for the dog is relaxing and enjoyable. Especially when the dog shows off.

There are times though that I wouldn’t mind an old fashioned card or board game. When the quiet does become too much there are options to change the situation. I can go shopping, money permitting. I can go visiting family, depending on the time of day. I can go to the walking track and chat with those who are also taking advantage of the facility. I can find ways, to help others.

Being alone, doesn’t always mean being lonely. It shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing. Being alone offers up an endless multitude of opportunities to be considered and explored. There’s no fighting over the remote or if the volume is too loud. You can decide exactly what to watch or hear. There’s no fighting over that last brownie. Being alone, doesn’t have to be a problem…as long as you  don’t allow it to be one. Don’t hide away from the world. It doesn’t go away, it will be there when you step out of hiding. Don’t avoid the world, it doesn’t change the situation that you don’t care for. Don’t set yourself back to the side and watch hoping that the world will notice and draw you forward. Because then you wonder if it was because you are liked and capable, or if the world simply felt sorry for you. Step up, believe..and appreciate every moment..the ones noisy, loud and crowded.. and the quiet ones that give you a time just for yourself.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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