I would donate but….facts, figures and information..


One flower is nice

One flower is nice



“Well, I would donate but…….
  “I don’t know where the money goes.”
“How are all of those dollars spent?”
   “I can’t donate much, so why bother?”
   “Its all a big business, it has to all go in the corporation pockets. They can’t actually be putting much into the fight.”
 Do you recognize any of these questions? Can you think of others that you may have heard or even had yourself concerning all of those dollars raised? Well drag up a chair and lets discuss money.
 Just last night (Feb.10th, 2014) we had a team rally meeting. During that meeting we discussed this very topic and were even given sheets that held the details. Details that I will share with you now in the hopes that you will have a better understanding of how all of those dollars are spent.
The thumbnail facts are these-
How the money was spent:
$160Million on Cancer Research
$304Million on Patient Support.
$153Million on Prevention Information and Education.
$97Million on Detection and Treatment
$59Million on Management and General Expenses
$218Million on Fundraising Expenses
back again 623
a few more is better but….
Where the money came from:
62% from people like you with, special gifts, personal gifts, corporate gifts, Bequests, etc.. (almost all of these donors were individual who gave an average gift of just $50 to help those affected by cancer.
5% from grants and contracts from government agencies
33% investment income
How were people helped?
Staying well: Change grants provided thousands of screenings to people in under-served communities. ACS nutritional and physical activity guidelines illustrate how weight, nutrition and activity affect cancer risk. In 2013 ACS reached its goal of recruiting 300,000 participants for cancer prevention study-3.
Get Well: Provided free lodging at our Hope Lodge facilities for more than 41,000 patients and caregivers. Cancer information specialists provided free information and support to nearly 1 million callers (800-227-2345). 32,000,000 unique visitors to cancer.org for credible cancer and health-related information.
Find Cures: Pioneering research, In 2013 a 47th Society funded researcher won the Noble Prize. Annual cancer facts and figures publication presents the most current trends in cancer occurance, survival, prevention, early detection and treatment. Spent an estimated $160.1 million on research and health professional training.
Fight back: Granted $25Million to the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network to ensure lawmakers make cancer a top national priority. Relay for Life engaged 4 million people in 6,000 communities across 20 countries. Our making strides against breast cancer walks engaged 1 million people who raised $60million.
I also know that there are programs available for cancer patients such as the Look Good feel better program which helps those fighting cancer learn how to make themselves look good even as they fight. They learn about wigs, scarves and accessories to make one look good.. and when you look good, you obviously feel better.
 There is also the program where volunteers will using their own vehicles give rides to cancer patients to their doctor’s appointments and treatments. Making it easier on the patient who doesn’t have to wait on public transportation and the ride with a thousand stops along the way.
 I know for a fact if you call the 800 number with a question, there is someone there to answer. They do not hesitate to send you information pamphlets when requested. In all of the many times I have called they have always been polite and helpful.
For those of you reading this here in North Carolina, with the number or teaching / research hospitals in the area, a portion of the money raised in Relay events goes to them meaning it remains in the area.
You are in a position where you would like to donate but you are on a strict budget and could donate very little. How could  only a dollar make a difference? I’m about to suggest one of my darkest nightmares. Lets do some math.
the more gathered together,, the prettier the garden

the more gathered together,, the prettier the garden

If you donate one dollar.. I know, I know…you are frugal with your money.. you are very careful in how you spend it due to other responsibilities. That leaves you with one dollar to donate.. but its only a dollar.
you, person A..$1 = $1
person B…$1 + your $1=$2
person C…$1 + Your $1 and B’s $1=$3
person D..$1 + your $1 and B’s $1 and C’s $1 =$4
Person E is feeling generous and donates $5 + your $1 plus B’s $1 and C’s $1 and D’s $1 = $9
A large crowd has gathered to watch the tossing of $$$s into the bucket. They get into the spirit of the thing and each donate $1. The crowd total was 500 (I said it was large)
500+5+1+1+1+1= 509…that’s 509 dollars. One dollar at a time. And of course with each addition even at a dollar the total goes up, growing ever larger..one dollar at a time if need be.
One dollar joining together with others can and does make a difference- *see above list.
One person joining together with others, sharing talents, sharing responsibility, sharing time, material goods, ideas, determination.. can and does make a difference. The cancer death rate is on the decline. We may find that difficult to imagine if we have recently lost a loved one to cancer.. but that is all the more reason to join in the fight.. to help finish the fight and put an end to cancer. Won’t YOU, donate that dollar?
my Relay profile page with link there to the team (HEART for a cure) page.


While we are discussing donations, at our team rally meeting we were reminded that the team that brings in the most donations for the March meeting will earn a $1000 bonus to their team. Would you consider helping my team earn that bonus with a donation? Even a dollar added to others adds up and helps.
*thank you American Cancer Society for the facts, figures and information*


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