Not a diet.. but a lifestyle change

  Here it is, day 7 of the new year. I am trying hard to get into a good routine for better health. I won’t lie,it isn’t easy. When you have been lazy for so long and then begin to make changes, the body and mind rebel. While I don’t actually hear quiet or not so quiet voices in my head telling me that we could exercise later, or that a batch of hot brownies would be so good at that moment, I recognize the urges within.

 A lot of days I wear a pedometer at work, but I know that I meet and surpass the recommended ten to thirteen thousand steps so I don’t wear it every day. I need to start giving it more attention at home and get back into my nature walks, weather permitting. For the days that it doesn’t, I do have a manual treadmill  and an elliptical that I’ve had for who knows how long. Both have not seen much activity until recently. I’m starting slow and building up my time a little each day in the hopes of preventing injury to muscles unaccustomed to this type activity. It is becoming easier to work out when the television is on as it does help in distracting me from the screaming coming from my muscles.

 The current plan is, once the weather warms up enough, I will start using the hill behind the house as a way to build up my stamina and wind. Its a steep enough hill to cause exertion but not so steep as to need climbing gear. If I go up and down this hill several times I know I will be using most if not all the muscle groups and cleanse the lungs through some very deep and heavy breathing. I feel this hill will be my best bet for the build up I need, and being right in my own back yard helps.

 I am doing better than I thought I would as far as cutting back on the sugar. I have read multiple reports on how cancer feeds on sugar in the body. Recommendations are to cut out the sugar. That is what I am attempting to do as best I can. I do not drink sodas at work, and very rarely do I drink them at home. Usually the only time I drank any soda was after I did my grocery shopping I would purchase one and drink maybe a fourth of it. The rest would languish in the fridge until someone else would come along and finish it off. I’ve decided to cut them out totally. I’ve tried to quit purchasing bottled water to help keep plastic out of the landfills (having purchased a reusable container) but I’ll buy water over soda. I’ve also cut my candy consumption back to near nothing. That, if you knew me, you would know to be a major accomplishment. The one thing that I had not done until now was to cut out or cut back on the chocolate pudding that I would take to work with me to eat with my strawberries. This past week I purchased the mix for dark chocolate pudding and a pack of small containers. I can now put just enough pudding in these to eat along with the strawberries and not have half a container left over to either  waste or consume. Being I don’t like waste and no one would want to eat pudding after me I’ve been finishing it off. Now I won’t have that to worry about. I’m also getting every close to drinking black coffee. I’m actually close enough that the other day when the small (less than an eighth of a teaspoon) amount of sugar didn’t fully dissolve it was not a pleasant taste. Even though I am taking this slow, it isn’t easy. Your body- my body- has become so used to getting that sugar that when it isn’t there you do suffer withdrawals as if from narcotics because processed sugar is a drug. A highly addictive drug.

 As far as diet goes, I haven’t really cut anything fully out. I will say that as I learn better methods and recipes I’m careful as to my portions. If I prepare a store bought pizza I take a small slice but prepare for myself a good size salad with plenty of fresh vegetables and greens with a small amount of dressing.  If I feel hunger pains later I have fruit on hand. The way I see it, I allowed the sugar addiction long ago, so now I have to own my mistake and retrain my body to like and prefer fruit and vegetables over the processed.

 I don’t need to lose weight even though I am losing some. I need to stop the slow climb of my cholesterol levels. I need to live healthier in the hope and desire to prevent my cancer from returning. When I was undergoing to treatments I couldn’t eat the processed sugars and could only stomach one cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Once the battle was over I slowly returned to old habits. its time to make some new ones. For better health for me, for a hoped for longer life that I may be here for my family, and that I may have the energy to reach out to others and do what I am able to help them.

It isn’t a diet, not really…. its a lifestyle change, just as the doctor ordered.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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